Rosie retired from work as a business professional about 5 years ago. She used to be an executive officer of a manufacturing company and had the opportunity to travel the world. Whenever she had a little bit of spare time on those trips she liked to go to museums and enjoyed different kinds of artwork. She began collecting ceramic mugs wherever she went as a souvenir, admiring the workmanship and the artistry.

About a year after retiring, she started acrylic painting for relaxation and fun. She discovered she has quite a knack for colors and composition. A year later, Rosie started learning pottery. Recently she started painting in oil.

Now Rosie is a full-time artist using different media and spends most of everyday painting, drawing, and doing pottery. She enjoys every single minute. After doing some commission work for friends and family, she found that she could “let them go” and sold some of her works by word of mouth and displaying at a few local galleries.