Jill Murphy Fine Artist

Artist Statement

My portraits of landscapes and waterways are inspired from my yearly trips hiking, camping and canoeing to many places in Upstate New York. My love of patterns and reflections from moving water and the glowing colors in the skies influence me to paint the many moods and emotions on canvas. I approach each painting realistically, using smooth brush strokes and vibrant colors instilling the emotions in a painterly look to tell a story. My goal is to capture the essence of the land and skies and communicate my vision of the world by transporting the viewer into the landscape. I want the painting to speak to the viewer with hopes that they may feel what I felt and appreciate the wonderful land that we live in.

I am inspired everyday I walk out my door, I always find something beautiful in everything I see. Painting these beautiful moments is my voice that I can share with you. The color, light and shapes are the words from my heart.

Artist Bio

Born in Fort Kent, Maine in 1968 and raised in upstate New York most of her life, Jill Murphy is a representational artist. She paints in oil and pastel and is also a graphic artist. Jill is primarily a self taught artist who began painting when she was young. She spent many years traveling through the Adirondacks and through parts of Canada and Northern Maine to visit family. She gained a love for rugged wooded landscapes and majestic views of mountains and waterways. These early observations now reflect in many of her paintings today. She also developed her painting style by studying many instructional books and taking a few painting workshops. She later developed an interest in Graphic Art taking classes at Sage College in Albany. Jill worked at the New York State Bar Association as a Graphic Artist for many years before becoming a full time artist.

Jill has had works commissioned for Great Camps in the Adirondacks. Her work has been in Juried art shows, local libraries and is displayed in private collections. She currently is a member of Oil Painters of America, Saratoga Arts Council, Colonie Arts League and North Country Arts. She lives in Halfmoon, New York with her husband, Tom and three daughters, Heather, Colleen and Evelyn.