Victoria Twomey Artist & Poet

My drawings reflect my deep desire for peace, safety, and harmony. My work tends to depict places where I would like to spend time or portraits that reflect an aspect of my inner experience. I am continually creating an emotional autobiography through my poetry and pictures. Discovering colored pencils as a medium accelerated my artistic journey as they gave me the precision and detail I needed to move forward. As an introvert, I spend a lot of time in my studio drawing and writing and I am most gratified when I can connect with another person at an emotional or intellectual level through my work.

Victoria Twomey is an award-winning artist and poet. Her artistic work consists primarily of colored pencil drawings on paper and images created using her original photographs and scanned objects as a source. While her intimate, feminine drawings are quiet and introspective with flowing lines and cozy scenes, her photographic work is up close and intellectual.