Marina Petro

Artist Statement

“Painting the magnificent beauty of Heaven and Earth through my vision”

I paint what I love…what inspires me. Inspiration may come from simple everyday objects, driving through the countryside or city, or my creative imagination. I love many things and seek to express the beauty of this magnificent creation of Heaven and Earth through my paintings.

I paint in a variety of styles, ranging from dream-like intuitive paintings and bold abstract works to realism. I love the adventure of exploring the full extent of my creative potential.

I am inspired by what I perceive to be beautiful in the outside world, as well as the images that arise from the inner world of my imagination and spirit. To experience constant inspiration and the impulse to express through artistic endeavor has been a blessing and saving grace for me.

My intention is that may paintings inspire others as I am inspired in the act of creating them.

Artist Bio

Marina Petro has been working independently in the field of art and intuitive counseling since 1980 when she moved to Saratoga Springs, NY and opened a gallery of her paintings along with her counseling practice. Marina is an artist and clairvoyant. She presents workshops in Intuitive Painting and Developing Intuition. Her artwork ranges from visionary and celestial pieces to realistic landscapes, equine portraits, still life and bold abstract works; many of which are considered “Healing Art.”

She has participated with the “Daily Painters” and exhibited with the Daily Painters Online International Art Gallery. They are a worldwide group of artists who typically paint daily and post at their painting blogs. She has participated in the International “Bridging Heaven & Earth” project – a collaboration of artists all over the world creating works of art with the theme of bridging heaven and earth – the spiritual with the earthly.

Four of Marina’s original oil paintings have been purchased by Saratoga Hospital in Saratoga Springs, NY for their permanent collection of fine art. Her paintings have been used to illustrate national magazine articles, book covers, music CD covers, wine collections, business stationery and featured in. Variety of publications and national magazines. Her paintings and prints are being enjoyed daily in private collections all over the world.

Painting, counseling, teaching and assisting others to discover and enhance their intuition and creative potential is the hallmark of Marina’s life’s work.